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Addiction Recovery & Mental Health Care on the North Carolina Coast

Just off the beach of the Wilmington shore lies a special retreat. It’s a place where young adults can trade the challenges and triggers of life for a new sense of peace. Bad influences and toxic relationships are replaced with a loving, supportive community where everyone belongs. It’s the perfect place to find purpose, identity, and recovery from addiction and mental health struggles. Welcome to Momentum Recovery.

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Our Four-Phase Addiction Treatment Approach

Primary Residential Addiction Treatment & Mental Health Care

Intensive Outpatient Programs for Addiction Treatment & Mental Health

Sober Living

Change Management

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Dual-Diagnosis Addiction Treatment

Momentum Recovery is proud to utilize a true dual-diagnosis approach to addiction treatment — meaning we treat the addiction by addressing the underlying mental health issues that cause it. Licensed for primary health care, we use innovative modalities such as EMDR, CBT, recreational therapy, and more to uncover and heal underlying trauma and/or co-occurring mental health disorders that can fuel substance abuse. Family members are involved in the treatment process as appropriate in order to ensure comprehensive healing for the entire family system. Through it all, young adults will find a community in which they can build trust, foster healthy relationships, and begin to recover.

Experiential Activities for Recovery

A vital element in each young adult’s treatment plan includes experiential activities. Not only do these activities have substantial therapeutic benefits; but also, they help clients learn how to have fun in recovery. Each activity is designed to teach new, healthy life skills and coping mechanisms that are the foundation for a successful life in recovery. Some of the experiential activities our young adults participate in include:

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Finding Community in Wilmington, NC

The young people's recovery community in the Wilmington, NC, area is electric, offering the opportunity for fellowship, support, fun, and personal growth. Momentum Recovery is very active and involved in this community and encourages residents to form relationships with other people as they walk through the recovery process. Many of our residents have the goal of completing college. We have several options for these individuals. Wilmington is home to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and Cape Fear Community College. Both of these options tend to be highly desirable places for our residents to continue working towards academic goals. Just as important as any of the above components, the Wilmington area provides endless opportunities for our residents to have fun and enjoy the lives they are building. We believe that this is a crucial component in assisting young people to firmly establish lives of recovery. As such, we strive to create an environment and a lifestyle that is attractive and enjoyable.

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A Brighter Future Awaits

Reach out to us to take the first step.