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What to Bring to Residential Treatment

Preparing to leave for residential treatment can be hectic and overwhelming for everyone involved. It’s our goal to make residential addiction and mental health treatment at Momentum Recovery, safe, welcoming, and comfortable for all residents. With that in mind, we suggest that clients bring the following items:

Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Needs

Photo ID

Insurance cards (medical, dental, prescription, vision)

All prescribed medications in the labeled bottles from your pharmacy

Any medical devices used regularly, such as a CPAP, hearing aid, etc.

Clothing for Treatment

Long- and short-sleeved tops

Sweaters, sweatshirts, or jackets for layering

Sweatpants or stretch pants




Comfortable shoes

Athletic shoes

Workout clothes


Baseball hat



Seasonal clothing (i.e., shorts, tank tops, bathing suits, or winter coats)

For Your Room During Addiction Treatment & Mental Health Care

Pictures of loved ones

A few books (Reading and educational materials will be provided, but you may want to read during your down-time.)

A journal

A favorite blanket

Other Addiction Treatment & mental Health Resources


Bug spray

Toiletries (Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant)

Stamps and envelopes to send mail while in treatment

A list of important phone numbers

Glasses or contact lenses

What Not to Take to Treatment

We ask for your help in keeping our community safe by observing this list and leaving the following items at home: 

Revealing clothing

Clothing or any items with drug references, alcohol references, political statements or profanity

Food & beverages (We’ll provide plenty!)

Drugs, alcohol, or weapons (Obviously!)

Expensive jewelry or watches

Irreplaceable mementos of great personal significance

Sharp objects (scissors, razors, nail clippers)



Toiletry items containing alcohol (perfumes, mouthwash, cologne)

Marijuana or CBD, even if it’s legal in your state

Not seeing something you want to bring or have a question?

Call our admissions team for more specific information. We can’t wait to welcome you to Wilmington!