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Treating Addiction & Mental Health

If you want to live a better, happier life, getting clean and sober isn’t enough. True recovery comes when you identify and heal the underlying issues that caused the substance abuse in the first place. 

Today, we know that mental health issues often coexist with addiction. (In fact, they’re labeled as “co-occurring disorders” or a “dual diagnosis.”) That’s why Momentum Recovery focuses on treating every client holistically: identifying and healing the underlying trauma and diagnosing and treating any mental health issues. Using a customized mix of therapies, education, and experiential activities, our clinical team helps each community member feel equipped for life free from drugs and alcohol.

What Happens in the Creek Young Men's Addiction Treatment & Mental Health Program?

Momentum community members take advantage of our custom four-phase long-term treatment approach. Throughout each phase on the continuum of care, young men will receive personalized case management, immersion in the local recovery community, family programming, adventure-based therapy, educational support, financial skills development, vocational support, nutritional support, and opportunities for recreation.

mental health addiction treatment young men


dock primary addiction treatment

Phase 1: DOCK

Primary Mental Health & Addiction Treatment

anchor extended care IOP

Phase 2: ANCHOR

Extended Care

harbor sober living

Phase 3: HARBOR

Sober Living

compass change  management

Phase 4: COMPASS

Change Management

Adventure-Based Therapy

What does a better, happier life in recovery look like? The Creek’s young adult male program helps clients discover passion for life by introducing them to healthy leisure activities, including: 

swimming young men addiction treatment recoverySwimming
north carolina recovery treatmentSurfing
fly fishing mens program the creekFly Fishing
young men sober recovery north carolinaPaddle Boarding
young men addiction treatmentKayaking
young women north carolina rehabSoftball

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