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Young Adult Drug Treatment: How it Works

How drug and alcohol treatment programs work

When young adults decide to get treatment for their alcohol or drug abuse, it can be a scary time. It can be frightening to admit there is a problem. It can be confusing what the next steps entail. But it is also an important first step. It is the first step on the road to recovery and breaking the cycle of addiction.

Sometimes the fear of how drug treatment works can be scary. At Momentum, we try to break that stigma and provide a safe place for young adults to get the care they need.


Young Adult Drug Treatment: The First Step

Here at Momentum, the first steps are similar to many drug treatment facilities. You’ll meet the staff and they will help with all the paperwork. Once that is done, you are admitted to the residential addiction treatment program to help your recovery from substance abuse.

The next steps include a tour of the facility and getting to know some of the people and fellow clients that you will interact with. It is the first day to break the addiction that has taken hold of your life.


Young Adult Drug Treatment: Therapy Sessions

The next step is what movies portray and many think of when asked to describe rehab. It’s about living comfortably in a residential home and participating in therapy and group sessions. It also includes developing an individual plan to fight addiction.

The hope in therapy sessions is to get to the underlying causes that contributed to the alcohol or drug substance abuse issue.

Don’t worry, it isn’t just lying on a couch and talking. At Momentum, some of the therapy involves adventure settings. That means you get treatment while surfing, fly-fishing and a host of other activities.


Young Adult Drug Treatment: More Autonomy

The next phase includes continuing treatment but also starting to return to traditional life. Here at Momentum that means more autonomy. Some of our clients even start taking classes at nearby UNC-Wilmington.

This step includes living with more freedom so clients can develop the tools to continue their recovery from alcohol and drug abuse in the traditional world. That helps improve the odds they will stay sober and not have a relapse.


Young Adult Drug Treatment: Final Stages

The final stage of treatment here at Momentum includes clients living on their own but still receiving the services they need. The community members continue to work with their therapists and case managers and are regularly drug tested. It is the chance to have support as people transition back to day-to-day life. This time while sober!