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A Day at The Cove: Primary Addiction Treatment for Young Women

The Cove Wilmington NC

It is no secret that quality primary addiction treatment centers for young women are few and far between. The Cove at Momentum Recovery was created to address the issue of this underserved community. Nestled in the coastal region of Eastern North Carolina, Momentum’s flagship female facility offers a comprehensive and compassionate approach to healing. 


Understanding The Cove


Holistic recovery is at the heart of what The Cove is all about. Young women seeking recovery face unique challenges. Addiction affects young women differently than their male counterparts. Understanding these differences is why everyone’s treatment plan is personalized. Using evidence-based therapies, trauma informed care, and a milieu model of treatment, The Cove tailors each person’s treatment towards the goals they want to achieve. 


Tailored Approach for Young Women


Women have historically been underrepresented in addiction treatment. Less than a third of clients in treatment programs are women. The sociocultural stigma, shame, and fear that women face when seeking help for substance abuse are often much greater than for males. Women are also biologically, physically, and emotionally affected differently by drugs and alcohol than men. Their treatment needs are going to be different as well. The Cove sets itself apart by taking into account this complex network of factors that contribute to addiction in young women and meeting them head on. 


Holistic Healing Environment


The ocean’s power to heal has been celebrated across cultures for millenia. The physical environment of The Cove plays a crucial role in the treatment process. With a safe, comfortable place designed for healing, relaxation and inner peace, The Cove was thoughtfully designed to be a center for recovery. 


Therapeutic Modalities


The Cove places a lot of emphasis on providing a full continuum of care that incorporates a broad spectrum of treatment modalities. Since each person has their own specific therapeutic needs, The Cove is staffed to handle these needs appropriately. From experiential therapy to CBT and DBT skills, the clinical team is committed to providing the tools necessary to empower young women and to building coping mechanisms for long-term recovery.  


Community & Support


Addiction thrives in isolation. Recovery thrives in community. Peer support, group therapy sessions, and outdoor experiential activities are all aimed at fostering a strong sense of community among the residents. Creating a supportive environment with deep connections is essential to the healing and recovery process. 


Life Skills & Aftercare Planning


Equipping individuals with the tools necessary to thrive beyond the treatment phase is a cornerstone of The Cove’s approach. Life skills training, relapse prevention strategies, and comprehensive aftercare planning are integral parts of the program, ensuring a smoother transition back into daily life post-rehab.

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse or mental health, call The Cove at Momentum Recovery today. Our experienced clinical team can guide you through the treatment process and answer any questions you may have.