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Choosing a Rehab for Young Adults: The Top 5 Questions to Ask

Here are answers to questions about young adult rehab

When your child or a young adult admits they need help breaking the cycle of addiction to drugs or alcohol it can be a challenging time. Many parents or patients don’t know where to turn next. They don’t know what they should do. They don’t know anyone they can ask for help.

Don’t fret. There are plenty of people who want to help young adults break their cycle of addiction. They can get started on the road to recovery today. They can get the help they need and don’t need to lose more months or years to drugs and alcohol.

When choosing the best rehab for a young adult there is some information everyone should know. Here are the best questions to ask when picking a treatment facility.

Does My Loved One Need Rehab?

It can be confusing trying to determine if a young adult or your child has a drug or alcohol addiction. The Centers for Disease Control defines a substance use disorder as a problematic pattern of substance use that leads to impairments of health, social function and control over substance use.

While the definition seems broad, it’s best described as a person who loses control to substances. They might not be able to stop their use. Or it could be a young adult who sees their performance in school or with friends decline because of constant drug and alcohol abuse.

What Type Of Program?

When a young adult needs rehab, there are two main types of treatment programs. One is called inpatient care. This is where a young adult lives at the residential facility to get the care they need. They have constant support to help on their road to addiction recovery.

The other type is called outpatient care. This is similar in that they get the support and care they need. But the patient gets to return home at the end of the day. These programs are great for people with work or school commitments they can not miss.

What Is Dual-Diagnosis Care?

Dual-Diagnosis care is an important part of treatment for many young adults suffering from addiction. In this type of drug and alcohol rehab, counselors will work to address any underlying causes that led to drug or alcohol use.

It could be a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety that contributed to the use. Dual-diagnosis care looks to address both the addiction and underlying causes in one treatment program.

What Happens In Rehab?

In rehab for young adults, patients will participate in a variety of counseling and therapy sessions. That is in both group and individual settings. The hope is to give young adults the help they need to break their cycle of addiction. Then they learn the skills need to continue their sober life in the traditional world and avoid any triggers.

Many programs also offer life-skills programs or the chance to learn a new hobby in addition to therapy sessions.

What Do I Do Next?

If you or a young adult in your life are ready to start the road to recovery, reach out to our staff at Momentum. They can talk to you about treatment options and the first steps to break the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction.