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Understanding Substance Abuse in Young Adults & The Mental Health Link

Is there a link between substance abuse and mental health conditions?

Some young adults can fall victim to a drug or alcohol addiction. They start using substances for various reasons, but the disease takes hold of their life. It is all they think about and they will do seemingly anything to chase that next high. It becomes their focus, and often school or family responsibilities will fall by the wayside.

It is important to remember that addiction can hit any person from any walk of life. It does not care about your gender, sexual identity, wealth, family status or happiness. Addiction is a disease and does not discriminate in who falls victim.

A portion of people with substance abuse disorders often suffers from mental health conditions. The two often go hand-in-hand. The mental health condition can lead them to try drugs or alcohol or use them excessively. The good news is that there are people that want to help treat both. That way, you can start on the road to recovery and treat your mental health condition while starting a sober life.

Mental Health And Substances

According to federal data, about 46.3 million adults met the criteria for having a substance use disorder. Marijuana and alcohol are the most common substances that young adults suffer an addiction. Sadly, about 87% of young adults with a substance use disorder did not get the treatment they needed.

Another 25% of all adults suffered from a mental health condition, according to the data. The figure sat at about 1 in 3 for young adults who had a mental health condition. A large portion of young adults with a mental health issue, about 42%, went untreated.

Together, about 13.5 of young adults reported both a substance abuse disorder and a mental health illness in the last year.

Getting Help Today

You don’t have to suffer from an addiction to substances or mental health conditions or both any longer. You can get the help you need today. Many facilities can offer help to treat both issues. That includes facilities like Momentum.

Here we want to help people treat their mental health and addiction. If one goes untreated, it increases the chance of a relapse.

At Momentum, we offer what is called dual-diagnosis care. That is when someone comes to break their cycle of addiction to drugs and alcohol. During therapy and counseling, medical professionals will look for any underlying causes, such as mental health conditions. The illness could be anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar or a host of other diseases.

The mental health condition might have caused a person to turn to substances to help cope with the hardships. In dual-diagnosis care, we give clients the tools to treat both their addiction and their mental health condition. That way, they understand the triggers for both and how to handle them when there are difficulties.

We want to help on your road to recovery from addiction and treat your mental health condition. Please reach out today to get started on your new journey!