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How normal is binge drinking among young adults?

Binge Drinking: Is it Ever Really ‘Normal’?

For many young adults, drinking seems to be everywhere. It is almost like a rite of passage into adulthood. There are parties and peer pressure that encourages drinking....

Young Adult Rehab

Substance Abuse in Young Adults: When Rehab is Necessary

You caught your kid smoking pot with his friends over the weekend. Or, you realized that someone’s been watering down your liquor bottles. You’re angry, disappointed —...

What are signs of drug and alcohol abuse?

Is My Child High? Signs of Substance Abuse in Young Adults

Teens and young adults experimenting with drugs and alcohol can be a time. Many young adults try substances and stop. For others, a disease takes hold. They can’t...

5 Signs Your Child is Hiding Drug Abuse

Is My Child Using Drugs? 5 Signs a Young Adult May Be Hiding Substance Abuse

You’ve watched your child grow up before your eyes. From holding them as a newborn to maturing into a young adult, you probably feel as though you know your kid inside...

Resources for parents on if their child is high

Is My Child High? Resources for Parents

Watching a child or young adult spiral into a life addiction can be heartbreaking. For many parents, it can be confusing as they ask whether they made a mistake. It’s...