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Quitting Alcohol Women’s Treatment

Quitting Alcohol in a Rehab for Young Women: What to Expect

For millennia, alcohol has been used by humans for its euphoric effects, stress reducing tendencies and as a celebrant for success and numbing agent of failure. The...

Women’s Alcoholism

Treating Alcohol Abuse in Young Women: Trauma, Therapy, 12 Step Programs, & Other Ways to Heal

Treating alcohol abuse in young women is not a homogenized endeavor. While the causes and consequences of alcohol addiction differ between men and women, they also...

Wilmington, NC SUD Stats

Young Women & Substance Abuse: The Truth About the Statistics

The landscape of modern life for young women in our society is constantly changing. Presented with a multitude of challenges trying to navigate this terrain, substance...

Wilmington Addiction Symptoms

Addiction Symptoms in Women: Signs It’s Time to Quit

Talk to anyone who is in recovery from drugs or alcohol and most will be able to pinpoint when things started to go south. While this may not have been when they got...

Wilmington NC Alcoholism

Alcoholism & Women: The Troubling Statistics & How To Get Help

Alcoholism is not a disease that is prejudiced towards one gender or another but its effects do vary differently for women and men. Women struggling with alcohol abuse...

Young Women's Recovery Treatment in Wilmington, NC

Drug & Alcohol Recovery For Young Women: 5 Ways To Get Started

Every individual’s path to recovery has its own unique challenges, obstacles and steps, and we know there’s no one-size-fits all path to a happier, healthier life. But...