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Quitting Alcohol in a Rehab for Young Women: What to Expect

Quitting Alcohol Women’s Treatment

For millennia, alcohol has been used by humans for its euphoric effects, stress reducing tendencies and as a celebrant for success and numbing agent of failure. The consumption of alcohol is ingrained into the human experience. For some however, alcohol can be incredibly problematic. If you’ve found yourself struggling with alcohol addiction, quitting drinking entirely may be the right decision for you. Here’s what you can expect from a gender-specific treatment program for substance abuse.

Understanding Your Journey: The Assessment Process

The very first step of the treatment process begins with an in-depth assessment. This will be conducted by your treatment team - a group of healthcare professionals made up of clinical and medical personnel. This evaluation is used to examine the intricacies of your specific addiction history, look for potential co-occurring mental health concerns, predict medical complications, and document any circumstances which made me relevant to treatment. This is how a tailored treatment experience is crafted. 


 Detoxification: Navigating the First Steps Together


If you find yourself in a position where you are physically dependent on alcohol, detox is the necessary next step. Due to the physical challenges and life-threatening potential of alcohol withdrawal, detox is carried out in a medically supportive environment. Doctors and nurses guide you through the process to ensure your safety and comfort. While no detox is a breeze, going through a medically managed withdrawal program makes the entire ordeal much more bearable. You’ll be surrounded by a compassionate team who are there to provide support. 

Therapeutic Insights: Unpacking Emotions & Building Resilience

Therapeutic modalities are at the heart of every good treatment program. A Gender-specific treatment program is no different. These therapies play a crucial role in understanding and addressing the root causes of behaviors and addictions. Group therapy sessions, alongside 1-on-1 sessions, create a safe, supportive space for young women to explore their emotions, share experiences, receive feedback, and learn healthy coping strategies. Trauma is unfortunately more common amongst young women struggling with addiction than it is for men. Trauma-informed care should be a staple in every female specific treatment program for this reason. Ultimately, the goal is self-reflection and skill-building that fosters resilience, empowering you to face life's challenges with newfound strength.

Empowerment through Education: Unveiling the Science of Addiction

You can’t treat what you don’t know. Learning the science behind addiction and its impact on the mind and body is a cornerstone of treatment. Workshops on stress management, relapse prevention, and cultivating healthy relationships provide knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions and sustain sobriety in the long run.

Connection & Support: The Strength of Community

Going to treatment in an all female rehab means you’re sharing your recovery journey with peers who understand your struggles. Connecting with other women creates a community of support where experience is shared, support is given, and the ups and downs of recovery are celebrated together. This sense of camaraderie builds a foundation for lasting connections and mutual encouragement beyond the confines of the rehab facility.

Planning for the Future: Aftercare & Continued Growth

Towards the end of treatment, the focus on aftercare begins. Developing a comprehensive plan that includes outpatient therapy, support group participation, and alumni programs is essential. This post-rehab support ensures that the skills and insights gained during rehab continue to guide you on your journey to sustained sobriety and a fulfilling life. Going to treatment is just the start of recovery. The real fun (and work) starts once you leave. Having a solid and full aftercare network will provide you with everything you need to be successful. 

Making Plans for the Future

If you’re a young woman and ready to take back control of your life, call Momentum Recovery today. The Cove is our all female treatment program specifically designed with you in mind. 

Call us today to speak with our staff. We’re here to answer any questions, listen to any concerns. We’re here to help.