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Female Treatment Insurance

Paying for Drug Rehab for Young Women: How Insurance Can Help

It’s true. Treatment for behavioral health is not cheap when you’re paying out of pocket for everything. Between detox charges, residential treatment costs, lab...

Quitting Alcohol Women’s Treatment

Quitting Alcohol in a Rehab for Young Women: What to Expect

For millennia, alcohol has been used by humans for its euphoric effects, stress reducing tendencies and as a celebrant for success and numbing agent of failure. The...

Rehab for Women

Does Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Women Work? What the Facts Reveal

It wasn’t until the 1980’s that researchers began to notice how underserved in addiction treatment women were. Up until that point, the industry of substance abuse...

Womens Rehab 5 Questions

Choosing a Rehab for Young Women: 5 Questions to Ask

For those of us who work in treatment or have been through a women's rehab program, choosing a treatment facility that best fits our needs seems like a no-brainer. We...