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How to Help Your Child Find Rehab for Young Adults

How To Help Your Child Find Drug And Alcohol Rehab


For many parents, it can be heartbreaking to see drugs or alcohol take control of their child’s life. They can be left with many questions about whether they could have done something different, whether there were earlier signs and what they should do next. Some parents and kids will decide that rehab for their young adult is the best treatment option for their drug or alcohol use disorder. But where do they start?


Drug And Alcohol Abuse In Young Adults

Using alcohol and drugs can have negative effects no matter the person’s age. Many teens will experiment with drugs and alcohol and stop. Others develop serious problems. While anyone can have a substance use disorder, there are some teens more at risk, according to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. They include those with a family history of substance abuse, those with low self-esteem and those that don’t feel they fit in.

There are also warning signs for parents to look for, including problems with the law, personality changes, poor judgment and withdrawal from the family.


Drug And Alcohol Abuse Taking The First Steps

The first step for parents is to talk to their child about their substance use. But be prepared for some backlash and be careful about your choice of words. When both the parent and child decide getting help is needed, talk to a doctor or a psychiatrist about the best course of treatment.

Remember, though, addiction is not a sign of parenting failure or that the child is broken. It is a disease.


Drug And Alcohol Abuse Finding A Treatment

For some children rehab will be the best option, and that includes in-patient and out-patient treatment options. Those programs often include therapy counseling, group and class session. The hope is to get to the root problem that led people to turn to substances and then return to traditional day-to-day-life.

There are numerous facilities now tailored to help young adults with drug and alcohol abuse issues. The programs focus on the needs of young adults, which might differ from someone who is a bit older. Contact our staff to learn about whether Momentum could be right for your child.