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How young adult treatment centers for abuse work

Young Adult Treatment Centers: How it Works

For many young adults, the decision to get treatment can be filled with angst. When teens and people in their 20s decide to get help, it can be the start of a path down...

how to choose young adult addiction treatment

How to Choose the Right Young Adult Addiction Treatment Program for a Loved One

It’s hard to deny now: You have a son or daughter that needs addiction treatment. They are acting out, their actions are erratic, and something needs to be done ... now....

Inside Drug Rehab for Young Men

Inside a Drug Rehab for Young Men

Substance use disorder is a contagious disease, in that it impacts nearly everyone it touches. When you have a son or brother struggling with addiction, it can feel like...

Dual-Diagnosis can treat substance abuse and the underlying cause

Young Adult Rehab: The Meaning of Dual-Diagnosis Care

For many young adults and their parents, the decision to get help for alcohol or drug abuse can be a life-changing moment. It usually follows months, if not years, of...