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Inside a Drug Rehab for Young Men

Inside Drug Rehab for Young Men

Substance use disorder is a contagious disease, in that it impacts nearly everyone it touches. When you have a son or brother struggling with addiction, it can feel like your lives are constantly intertwined, stuck together in a whirling hurricane of addiction. Whether it’s worrying about their safety or wondering if they’ve stolen from you to support their habit, new concerns and challenges pile up each day when you’re dealing with substance use in your family. That doesn’t stop if and when they agree to go to treatment. You may find yourself wondering: What exactly are they doing during their time away? What does the treatment experience look like? Are they OK? Will this work? While every resident at Momentum Recovery has a tailored addiction treatment program crafted specifically for their individualized needs, we operate from a fundamental system of core beliefs and addiction treatment values.


Drug Rehab for Young Men: The First Week


When a new resident arrives at Momentum Recovery, they are welcomed with open arms. The first week of treatment can be a make or break week, so we strive to spend this time getting them integrated  into the community and limiting any outside distractions. There will be a blackout period where your son will be prohibited from using the phone to contact you or their friends. This is a deliberate treatment choice. Change is uncomfortable, and we want your loved one to spend all of their time focusing on their new community. While they can’t contact you, it doesn’t mean you can’t contact us. You will be hearing from our clinical team during that initial week to keep you informed of how your son is getting along, and expect to hear about their early progress. We want our guys to get started on their treatment plan as soon as possible, so they will hit the ground running with dual-diagnosis group therapy and individualized therapy sessions with our Master’s-level clinicians. Recovery takes time and we won’t waste a single minute. 


Drug Rehab for Young Men: The Clinical Experience


During your son’s time at Momentum Recovery, he will be working with a dedicated therapist and a case manager, among other recovery professionals. The role of the therapist is to provide clinical support and one-on-one therapy sessions. Having a designated therapist during addiction and mental health treatment is crucial to developing trust and encouraging honesty. Substance abuse can often be a way of self-medicating for trauma or any number of other mental health challenges. Developing a working relationship with a therapist can help with unlocking and processing whatever is at the root of their substance abuse. From there, they may work within a number of treatment modalities — from EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, for trauma) to cognitive behavioral therapy or family of origin work. Every resident has their own addiction treatment plan, which will be created and executed by their dedicated therapist and clinical team.

Working alongside the therapist will be your son's case manager. The role of a case manager is to organize, facilitate, and evaluate the best care options for the transition from residential treatment into aftercare treatment. The case manager will also be your go-to for communication and will help to arrange your participation in the Family Program. At the same time, they will work with you to plan next steps. At Momentum Recovery, our case managers work tirelessly to ensure a smooth progression out of residential treatment, while keeping your child in a safe, therapeutic and accountable environment. 


Drug Rehab for Young Men: The Social Experience


Let’s face it: When your son was in active addiction, you probably didn’t always approve of his friends. Humans tend to group with like-minded people, so people abusing drugs and alcohol will spend the majority of their time with other people who have the same habits. This can exacerbate a growing addiction problem and have devastating effects. When everyone in a social circle is clean and sober however, it creates a compounding effect of support and accountability. During your son’s time at Momentum Recovery, he will undoubtedly make some of the best friends of his life. It’s hard not to when you’re spending every day and night with the same group of people. 

Whether it’s allowing themselves to be vulnerable in a group therapy session, or learning how to surf during our experiential activities, our boys develop a deep sense of community in recovery that lasts a lifetime. Our goal is to create a group of young men who are bettering themselves, their communities, and those around them. Every one of the residents at Momentum is coming from the shared experience of addiction. Their stories may be different but the outcome has all been the same. Momentum Recovery harnesses this communal origin story and uses it to create a powerful force of healing for all involved.


Drug Rehab for Young Men: Get Started


Could drug rehab for young men be right for your son, brother, or loved one? Contact our team to learn more and to get them started on a better, happier life full of meaning, belonging, and purpose.