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Young Adult Treatment Centers: How it Works

How young adult treatment centers for abuse work

For many young adults, the decision to get treatment can be filled with angst. When teens and people in their 20s decide to get help, it can be the start of a path down the unknown. The good news is that it is also the path to recovery. Entering in-patient or out-patient treatment centers can be scary. Here at Momentum, we try to remove that fear and make it as easy as possible for young adults to get the help they need for their alcohol or drug abuse.


In-patient And Out-Patient Programs

There are two main types of rehab treatments for drug and alcohol abuse. The first is out-patient programs. That is where people will visit a facility for a certain number of hours in a day or a week. Once they are done with their counseling or therapy, they head home for the day. There are different kinds of in-patient therapy programs, with some requiring more hours of treatment than others.

The other type of program is in-patient treatment. That is where people live at the facility while receiving care. Staying at the facility gives clients a chance to get around-the-clock treatment to help beat their addiction and start the road to recovery.


Getting Help For Abuse

No matter the type of treatment, those in recovery can expect to participate in group and individual therapy and counseling sessions. The hope is to identify the reasons behind your substance abuse and then treat the addiction and any underlying causes.

At Momentum, each person’s treatment program is tailored to them. That means you can get the specific help that you need.

Over time, clients gain more freedom and start to live on their own if they are in an inpatient program. The goal is to help people transition back to their day-to-day life but still with support to help in their drug and alcohol recovery.


What To Do Next?

If you are suffering from drug or alcohol treatment, please reach out to our caring staff at Momentum. We can help you determine the next step that is best for you and get the treatment you need.