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When is rehab needed for young adults?

Substance Abuse in Young Adults - When Rehab is Necessary

Our teenage and young adult years are a time of great growth. We are becoming adults and learning about how we fit in the world. We are starting to look at future...

Inside drug rehab for yound men and what it includes

Inside a Drug Rehab for Young Men

Many young men can be tempted by drugs in their life. It’s not uncommon for some to give them a try and decide it is not for them. For others, sadly, the use of drugs...

The dangers of marijuana use among young adults

It’s Not ‘Just Weed’: The Dangers of Marijuana Abuse in Young Adults

For many young adults, marijuana use can seem like a rite of passage. Friends are using the drug and it has become recreationally legal in more than a dozen states. It...

How young adult treatment centers for abuse work

Young Adult Treatment Centers: How it Works

For many young adults, the decision to get treatment can be filled with angst. When teens and people in their 20s decide to get help, it can be the start of a path down...

What are signs of drug and alcohol abuse?

Is My Child High? Signs of Substance Abuse in Young Adults

Teens and young adults experimenting with drugs and alcohol can be a time. Many young adults try substances and stop. For others, a disease takes hold. They can’t...

Resources for parents on if their child is high

Is My Child High? Resources for Parents

Watching a child or young adult spiral into a life addiction can be heartbreaking. For many parents, it can be confusing as they ask whether they made a mistake. It’s...