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how to choose young adult addiction treatment

How to Choose the Right Young Adult Addiction Treatment Program for a Loved One

It’s hard to deny now: You have a son or daughter that needs addiction treatment. They are acting out, their actions are erratic, and something needs to be done ... now....

How to pay for addiction treatment

How to Pay for the Best Young Adult Addiction Treatment Programs

Your son or daughter has agreed to enter into a treatment program for their young adult substance abuse. After spending weeks planning on how to talk to them about their...

5 Signs Your Child is Hiding Drug Abuse

Is My Child Using Drugs? 5 Signs a Young Adult May Be Hiding Substance Abuse

You’ve watched your child grow up before your eyes. From holding them as a newborn to maturing into a young adult, you probably feel as though you know your kid inside...

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Young Adults

Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Young Adults: Expectations vs. Reality

You can breathe a sigh of relief! After lots of tears and emotions, your child has finally agreed to break the cycle of substance abuse and enter into a treatment...

What to expect in young adult rehab

Young Adult Rehab: What to Expect

Congrats! If you’re reading this, you’ve either made the decision to enter residential addiction treatment or are seriously considering it. Regardless of where you are...

Adolescent Addiction Treatment Wilmington

Does My Child Need Rehab for Young Adults? When to Get Help

Most parents would do anything to ensure that their children live happy, healthy lives. But when drugs, alcohol, or mental health difficulties take them off course, even...