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Teen Binge Drinking

The Truth About Binge Drinking & Alcoholism in Young Adults

Young adult alcohol consumption has become increasingly prevalent in today’s youth culture. Despite the legal drinking age being 21 in the United States, many young men...

Information about addiction rehab for young adults

Why Choose a Young Adult Rehab? Understanding Your Child’s Treatment Needs

When it comes time for your child to head to rehab, it can be mixed feelings. You’ve spent time worrying about them and their health during the midst of addiction. But...

Common mental health conditions in young men

The 5 Most Common Mental Health Issues in Young Men & How Residential Treatment Can Help

Our teen years and early 20s can be a difficult time for many young men. It can be a confusing time with a lot of stress and many confusing feelings. We start to develop...

Does young adult rehab work for addiction?

Does Young Adult Rehab Work? Understanding the Continuum of Care & Dual-Diagnosis Model

When a young adult heads to rehab it is the start of a new journey. It’s a lifelong journey to sobriety.

How to pay for addiction rehab for young adults

Paying for Young Adult Rehab: What You Need to Know

When young adults struggle with drugs and alcohol, it can be troublesome. It can be hard for the teen or young adult who becomes a victim of addiction. It can change...

How dual-diangosis care works in young adult rehab

Young Adult Rehab: The Meaning of Dual-Diagnosis Care

When a young adult needs rehab, there can be many emotions going through their head. The first might be how did they get to the point? How did drugs or alcohol take hold...

Is there a link between substance abuse and mental health conditions?

Understanding Substance Abuse in Young Adults & The Mental Health Link

Some young adults can fall victim to a drug or alcohol addiction. They start using substances for various reasons, but the disease takes hold of their life. It is all...

How to identify signs of self-harm in young adults

Identifying Self-Harm in Young Adults & How to Find Help

It can be scary for parents who watch a young adult commit self-harm. It can also be scary for the young adult! They might not know why they are doing it or understand...

Here are answers to questions about young adult rehab

Choosing a Rehab for Young Adults: The Top 5 Questions to Ask

When your child or a young adult admits they need help breaking the cycle of addiction to drugs or alcohol it can be a challenging time. Many parents or patients don’t...

When is rehab needed for young adults?

Substance Abuse in Young Adults - When Rehab is Necessary

Our teenage and young adult years are a time of great growth. We are becoming adults and learning about how we fit in the world. We are starting to look at future...